3Commas Review: Cryptocurrency Automated Arbitrage Bot


3Commas is an automated digital currency trading platform that boasts a terminal rich in features. There are multiple strategies available on this system that you can use on more than 18 different exchanges. As per the vendor’s claims, this platform makes digital currency trading easy for all types of traders. 

3Commas detailed analysis 

This platform has a trading terminal with a wide range of features. You can closely track your investments and copy strategies from other individuals. It offers some handy market tools and claims to let you take your trading game to the next level.

How 3Commas works 

This is a system that connects to your exchange account using API keys. It does not only operate on weekdays, so you can take advantage of all opportunities. Whether it is a market crash or prices shooting up, it can help you make profits. 

Thanks to the SmartTrade feature, you can place as many orders as you need with simultaneous take profit and stop-loss points. The trades are anonymous and can be executed in groups.

Registration process 

  1. Visit the official website and head over to the pricing section
  2. Choose a plan you are comfortable with
  3. Link your exchange account through API keys
  4. After choosing a strategy, you can test it out with virtual money

Is it easy to use? 

This platform is easy to use, even for beginners. The terminal is highly intuitive and beginners can follow the trades of seasoned professionals via signals. So even if you don’t know how to build strategies of your own, you can get decent results with this system.

3Commas key highlights 

Let’s look at the main features:

  • Quick account rebalancing
  • Multiple accounts for tracking portfolio
  • Daily profit and loss figures
  • Paper trading functionality
  • Smart cover for additional profits
  • Copy trading

Services offered by 3Commas 

This platform lets you purchase and sell digital assets. You can place manual orders or let the bot take care of the heavy lifting for you. This is also a place where you can manage your portfolio and get notifications for lucrative trades. 

Are traders satisfied with the trading performance of 3Commas?

User reviews for 3Commas on Trustpilot
User reviews for 3Commas on Trustpilot

This platform has a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on 1095 reviews on Trustpilot. Users have praised the intuitive interface, the customer support, and the performance of the system.

Does it have a native token? 

No, there is no native token for this system.

3Commas user interface 

The interface is user-friendly and you can customize it based on your needs. It lets you manage all your accounts from one place.

Is it a good bet for its price?

Apart from the free plan, there are three paid plans called Starter, Advanced, and Pro that are available for $14.50/month, $24.50/month, and $49.50/month, respectively. The plans are quite affordable and each of them comes with a 3-day free trial.

What exchanges does it support?

Supported exchanges include Gemini, Binance, FTX, ByBit, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro, Deribit, BitMEX, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Gate.io, Kraken, Poloniex, OKX, KuCoin, and Huobi.

3Commas trading assets 

There is no list of supported assets available for this system.

Are there any fees?

Apart from the subscription charges, there are no fees.

Withdrawal process 

This platform does not have withdrawal permissions.

3Commas: is it legit? 

Yes, it is a 100% legitimate brand trusted by traders and covered by media outlets.

What kind of security does 3Commas offer?

It uses secure API keys to connect to exchanges. For securing data, it uses DDOS protection, firewall, and SSL/TLS encryption. For additional security, you can enable 2-factor authentication which will prevent others from accessing your account.

Is 3Commas regulated?

No, it is not regulated by any financial authority.

Unlike other platforms, this one doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Even without technical knowledge, you can easily work with it.

3Commas customer support 

The company provides customer support via email and live chat. 

How does 3Commas reputation look?

The head office of this company is based in Tallinn, Estonia, and it has a representative office in Canada. It was launched in 2017, but we don’t know the identities of the team members.

3Commas Crypto Bot

3.8 5 0 1
This platform has everything you need to get started with crypto trading. It has a stellar reputation among traders and offers some affordable plans for beginners, including a free plan. Here, you can closely track your performance, thanks to advanced analytics.
This platform has everything you need to get started with crypto trading. It has a stellar reputation among traders and offers some affordable plans for beginners, including a free plan. Here, you can closely track your performance, thanks to advanced analytics.
3.8 rating
Total Score
  • Features
    4.0 rating
    4/5 Good
  • Supported Exchanges
    4.0 rating
    4/5 Good
  • Price
    3.0 rating
    3/5 Neutral
  • Security
    4.0 rating
    4/5 Good
  • Customer Support
    4.0 rating
    4/5 Good

The Good

  • Intuitive interface
  • Trading signals
  • Paper trading

The Bad

  • Desktop application not available
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