Ansell’s Earnings Forecast for 2024: Production Reduction and Staff Cuts


Sydney-based company Ansell has anticipated a significant decrease in its fiscal 2024 earnings as a result of scaling back production and reducing staff. This decision comes in response to customers gradually depleting their stockpiles of gloves and other protective garments from the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Ansell’s latest update on Tuesday, the company predicts a range of $0.57 to $0.77 in statutory earnings-per-share for fiscal 2024. This figure represents a decline from the projected earnings-per-share of $1.17 to $1.18 for fiscal 2023.

The Australian-listed company plans to strategically slow down the production of finished goods, aiming to bring its inventory holdings back to normal levels. While this move is expected to enhance cash flow in fiscal 2024, it will also have an impact on earnings.

To achieve this goal, Ansell intends to invest between AUD 40 million ($27.3 million) and AUD 50 million in streamlining its organizational structure and reducing its manufacturing workforce. These initiatives will lead to annualized pre-tax savings of AUD 45 million by fiscal 2026. The majority of this investment will be allocated in fiscal 2024.

Overall, Ansell is taking proactive measures to align its operations with the current demand for protective equipment, allowing them to optimize their resources and remain resilient in the ever-changing market.

Ansell’s Fiscal 2023 Sales Projections

Ansell, a leading provider of healthcare and industrial protective products, anticipates reporting strong sales figures for fiscal year 2023. The company estimates that industrial sales will reach approximately A$750 million, while healthcare sales are expected to reach A$900 million.

Dealing with Inventory Accumulation

One of the factors impacting Ansell’s sales performance is the gradual decrease in healthcare inventory levels. Over the past two years, channel partners and end customers have been actively reducing their stockpiles. This destocking process has continued throughout the second half of the fiscal year and has affected Ansell’s operations.

Optimistic Outlook for Healthcare Demand

While the destocking process has been a challenge, Ansell’s Chief Executive, Neil Salmon, expressed optimism in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. He stated that healthcare customers are nearing completion of their destocking efforts and anticipated an upturn in demand before the end of fiscal year 2023.

Impact on Different Product Categories

Ansell observed varying impacts on different product categories due to destocking. The decline in demand for exam and single-use gloves lessened over the second half of the fiscal year. However, the effect became more pronounced in surgical and life sciences products.

Underlying Earnings Per Share (EPS) Guidance

Ansell expects its underlying EPS for the 12 months ending in June to be within the US$1.10-US$1.20 range. This guidance excludes any adjustments related to the divestment of its Russia business. By stripping out these adjustments, Ansell aims to provide a clear picture of its financial performance.

Pandemic Response and Challenges

During the early stages of the pandemic, Ansell made significant investments in expanding its production capacity. This strategic move enabled the company to meet the surging demand for essential items such as gloves and gowns. As a result, Ansell experienced remarkable growth in earnings, dividends, and shares.

However, rising production costs and a tapering demand have presented challenges for Ansell. The company is actively managing these factors to maintain its market position effectively.

In conclusion, Ansell expects strong sales performance in the fiscal year 2023, with projections for industrial sales of about A$750 million and healthcare sales of A$900 million. While dealing with the effects of destocking, the company remains optimistic about a potential rebound in healthcare demand. Ansell’s underlying EPS is expected to fall within the US$1.10-US$1.20 range, excluding divestment-related adjustments. Despite challenges concerning production costs and moderating demand, Ansell continues to navigate the changing landscape of its industry.

Fiscal 2022 Net Profit Shows a 36% Decline

It has been reported that the net profit for fiscal year 2022 has witnessed a significant decline of 36% as compared to the previous year. This sudden drop in profitability has had a notable impact on the market, with shares experiencing a decrease of approximately 33% since June 2021.

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