Apple’s Development of Generative AI Tools


Apple is reportedly working on developing generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools that would rival those created by companies like Alphabet and OpenAI, according to sources cited by Bloomberg.

Although Apple has not yet outlined a strategy for how it plans to provide consumers with access to this technology, Bloomberg reports that the company has already created its own framework called Ajax, which enables the creation of large language models. In addition, Apple has also developed an AI chatbot known as “Apple GPT.”

Notably, during Apple’s recent developers conference keynote, there was surprisingly little mention of artificial intelligence software. While Apple continues to dominate the technology industry in terms of market capitalization, it remains the only major tech giant that has yet to announce a clear strategy for generative AI, chatbots, and large language models.

While Siri, Apple’s voice-based virtual assistant, was revolutionary when it launched 12 years ago, it now seems comparatively underpowered when compared to text-based chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing Chat, and Alphabet’s Bard.

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple’s AI tool seems to essentially replicate the functionality of Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing AI, without featuring any significant novel features or technology. Nevertheless, sources familiar with the work believe that Apple is gearing up to make a noteworthy AI-related announcement in the coming year.

On Wednesday, Apple shares experienced a slight increase of 0.3%, reaching $194.23. In contrast, both Microsoft and Alphabet saw their shares decline by over 1%.

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