AstraZeneca’s Tagrisso Approval


AstraZeneca’s shares are on the rise, leading the FTSE 100 index as the company announces the approval of its lung-cancer treatment Tagrisso, in combination with chemotherapy, in the U.S.

Positive Market Response

At 1103 GMT, shares saw an increase of 304.0 pence, equating to a 3% rise, reaching 10,398 pence. Despite this recent surge, there has been a slight decrease of 9.4% over the past year.

Groundbreaking Approval

The pharmaceutical giant revealed on Monday that the approval was granted based on trial findings showing that Tagrisso, when paired with chemotherapy, significantly extended the median progression-free survival by almost nine months compared to the standard of care.

Targeted Patients

The approval targets adults facing locally advanced or metastatic epidermal growth factor receptor-mutated non-small cell lung cancer, marking a significant advancement in treatment options for this specific group.

Extensive Trial Reach

The trial encompassed 557 patients distributed across more than 150 centers spanning over 20 countries globally. This included regions like the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia.

Industry Insight

Dave Fredrickson, Executive Vice President of the oncology business unit at AstraZeneca, emphasized the significance of this new treatment option. He highlighted that it can delay disease progression by nearly an additional nine months, setting a new standard with the longest reported progression-free survival benefit in the first-line advanced setting.


As AstraZeneca celebrates this pivotal milestone in the realm of lung cancer treatment, the approval of Tagrisso paired with chemotherapy opens doors for enhanced care options and improved outcomes for patients facing this challenging condition.

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