CAA Enforces Passenger Claims


The CAA, on Thursday, announced that this enforcement action will ensure that passengers whose claims were wrongly rejected will now receive the money they are legally owed. The regulator believes that this issue has contributed to the significant number of county court judgments filed against the airline within the past nine months.

In response, Wizz Air has made several commitments to the CAA regarding customer claims. The carrier has also introduced new programs aimed at reducing cancellations and disruptions. It has recently signed an agreement with the regulator, specifically addressing the handling of claims for costs incurred due to flight disruptions. Moreover, Wizz Air has collaborated closely with the CAA to ensure that their customer standards are being met.

Wizz Air provided some details about their progress. They have already paid over 70% of county court judgments, with 10% of cases still in progress. The remaining 20% are currently being identified and processed.

The CAA emphasized their stance on this matter, stating, “This enforcement action sends a clear message that airlines must meet their obligations to passengers when they cancel or delay a flight. We will not hesitate to step in if we believe that airlines are not consistently doing this.”

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