Canopy Growth Shares Plummet as Debt Reduction Agreements Signed


Shares of Canopy Growth, a leading cannabis company based in Smith Falls, Ontario, took a nosedive on Friday morning following the announcement of a series of debt reduction agreements. The company has managed to secure agreements with its lenders, which will see a significant reduction in the principal amount owed.

As of 9:47 a.m. ET, shares in Toronto were down a staggering 27% at just 47 Canadian cents (equivalent to 36 cents in USD). Similarly, shares in New York experienced a sharp decline of 27%, falling to 48 cents.

Canopy Growth has long been acknowledged as one of the major players in the cannabis industry. The company has now revealed that these newly-formed agreements will aid in reducing its debt by a remarkable $437.1 million over the course of the next two financial quarters. Additionally, this move is set to result in an annualized saving of approximately $20 million to $30 million in interest expenses.

The agreements themselves comprise of redemption agreements with select bondholders, as well as agreements with credit lenders. Canopy Growth is confident that these strategic actions will help preserve around $92 million in cash reserves. What’s more, approximately $193 million of the principal amount on its existing notes will be resolved through the issuance of new stock and convertible debentures.

Canopy Growth remains optimistic about the future and believes that these proactive measures will help propel the company towards greater financial stability and success.

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