ChatGPT Coming to Cars


The automotive software company Cerence has recently partnered with Volkswagen to introduce an “automotive grade” ChatGPT artificial intelligence experience for drivers in North America and Europe. Through an over-the-air update, Volkswagen will provide access to the OpenAI software for cars already on the road.

The announcement took place at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. Cerence promises that drivers will benefit from a voice chatbot capable of delivering accurate and relevant responses to almost any question. However, this raises the question of what types of inquiries might arise during a car ride that cannot already be handled by Siri (for iPhone users) or Google Assistant (for Android users). Furthermore, it is worth considering whether engaging in complex conversations with an AI chatbot while driving is safe. Nevertheless, the integration of advanced chat capabilities powered by artificial intelligence into vehicles appears to be an inevitable trend.

In addition to the partnership with Volkswagen, Cerence is also collaborating with Microsoft to develop in-car ChatGPT experiences using Microsoft Azure, the company’s cloud computing platform. The AI experience will be offered through Cerence Assistant, the company’s white-label in-car assistant sold to car manufacturers.

Volkswagen is not the only automaker embracing ChatGPT. Mercedes-Benz announced a similar integration last year, combining OpenAI’s chatbot with its “Hey Mercedes” voice command system in the MBUX entertainment system.

Exciting times lie ahead as cars become increasingly capable of utilizing AI technology. Cerence and its partnerships are driving us towards a new frontier of integrated AI experiences on the road.

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