Conroy Gold Identifies New Drilling Targets in Northern Ireland


Conroy Gold and Natural Resources, a London-listed mining company with a focus on Ireland and Finland, has announced the discovery of additional gold drilling targets in the Longford-Down Massif joint venture in Northern Ireland.

According to the company, deep overburden sampling has revealed promising results, with 500 samples returning values of 10 parts per billion (ppb) gold. Notably, two samples showed over 400 ppb gold.

As a result of this sampling, Conroy Gold has identified four new anomalous gold areas near the recently discovered Creenkill gold target in Northern Ireland, leading to the identification of new drilling targets.

To date, the company has completed 6,000 meters of drilling in phase 1 of the joint venture program with Demir Export.

“The deep overburden program has significantly increased the potential of each surveyed area. With over 1,500 samples collected and the resulting data obtained, we now have extensive information for follow-up drilling,” stated Chairman Richard Conroy.

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources plans to continue pursuing these new drilling targets in partnership with Demir Export.

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