Daimler Truck Shares Soar


Daimler Truck saw a significant rise in shares following its announcement of an anticipated sales increase in 2024 and a boosted dividend. The company’s revenue and adjusted earnings showed improvement in the fourth quarter.

Record High Share Price

At 0827 GMT on Friday, Daimler Truck’s shares were up by 12%, reaching a record high of EUR42.12. This marks a 42% increase from the day before, hitting its highest point since the company’s independence and listing on the stock market in December 2021.

Positive Sales Outlook

The German trucks and buses manufacturer projects sales to be between 490,000 and 510,000 units for the current year, as it foresees a normalization in demand. Despite a decline in fourth-quarter unit sales year-on-year, the company remains optimistic.

Financial Performance

In the latest quarter, Daimler Truck reported adjusted earnings before interest and taxes of 1.56 billion euros ($1.69 billion), a notable increase from EUR1.03 billion in the previous year. Revenue also saw growth, rising to EUR14.95 billion from EUR14.78 billion in the corresponding period.

Employee Recognition

As part of its full-year results, Daimler Truck awarded bonuses of EUR7000 to eligible employees in recognition of their contributions.


Overall, Daimler Truck’s positive sales outlook, improved financial performance, and employee recognition have propelled its shares to new heights, signaling a promising future for the company.

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