Departures at Dare Bioscience: CFO and CCO Step Down


Dare Bioscience, a San Diego-based women’s health company, announced on Friday that both its Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) will be leaving the company. In addition, two of its directors, Cheryl Blanchard and Sophia Ononye-Onyia, have chosen to voluntarily depart from their positions.

Lisa Walters-Hoffert, the CFO, has retired, while John Fair, the CCO, will resign this summer. While there are no immediate plans to appoint a successor for Walters-Hoffert, Sabrina Martucci Johnson, the Chief Executive, will take on the role of principal financial officer. In addition, MarDee Haring-Layton, the current Vice President of Accounting and Financing, will be promoted to Chief Accounting Officer.

Fair’s decision to step down on June 30 is related to the successful full-scale commercial launch of Dare’s vaginal gel Xaciato. As the Chief Commercial Officer, overseeing this launch was one of Fair’s primary responsibilities.

The departure of directors Blanchard and Ononye-Onyia will result in a reduction in the size of Dare Bioscience’s board from eight members to six. Their resignations will occur prior to the next annual shareholder meeting.

These changes mark a significant transition for Dare Bioscience as it navigates these departures while continuing to focus on its mission in the field of women’s health.

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