Disney’s CEO Addresses Challenges and Future of Linear Media Businesses


In a recent interview, Disney CEO Bob Iger acknowledges the disruptive forces that have been impacting the company’s linear media businesses. Taking a hard look at the situation, Iger plans to explore the future of Disney’s legacy cable and network businesses, recognizing that they may no longer be core to Disney’s overall strategy.

Adapting to Change

Iger candidly discusses the erosion of the linear business, stating that it is veering closer towards obsolescence. This sentiment reflects his perspective from last September when he expressed that traditional TV was marching towards a precipice.

Transformative Work in Progress

While there is still valuable creativity and content associated with these businesses, the distribution and business model that have been the foundation of their success are undeniably broken. Iger believes it is essential to face this reality and acknowledges that transformative work is underway.

A Broad Evaluation

When asked about the possibility of separating these businesses from Disney or exploring alternative structures, Iger refrains from speculating. However, he emphasizes that an expansive and open-minded evaluation of their future is necessary.

Extended Contract

Disney recently announced that Iger’s contract as CEO has been extended through December 2026. Originally expected to serve for only two years, Iger will now have more time to carefully plan for his succession.


Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, recognizes the need for a comprehensive assessment of the company’s linear media businesses. Although acknowledging their diminishing relevance, Iger remains committed to finding the best path forward for Disney’s success in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Opinion: Bob Iger’s Efforts to Revitalize Disney’s Empire Need More Time

Disney has recently faced its fair share of challenges, leading to a decline in Wall Street’s confidence in the company. These challenges include leadership changes, underperforming films, and uncertainties surrounding the transition to streaming.

Looking Ahead: The Potential Upside of Disney’s Stock Slump

Investors are eagerly awaiting updates on Disney’s ESPN roadmap, and Iger has acknowledged the inevitable shift towards streaming for the service. While he did not provide a specific timeline, Iger confirmed that it will happen.

Standing Firm: Defending Sports Broadcasting in the Face of Rising Costs

Amid the high costs associated with sports programming rights, Iger defended Disney’s involvement in sports broadcasting. He believes that sports represent a highly attractive medium and that Disney’s unique position in this area warrants its continued participation.

Candid Reflections: Addressing Challenges in the Film Business and Streaming

Iger openly acknowledged the disappointments in recent film releases and identified the company’s zealous pursuit of content breadth and streaming offerings as the cause. This ambition ended up stretching the resources and focus of Disney’s employees.

As for streaming, Iger emphasized the importance of being strategic and deliberate in expenditure. However, he remains highly optimistic about the potential for direct-to-consumer media, stating that it will not only contribute to profitability but also drive overall growth for the company. He sees great value in establishing a direct relationship with consumers in the media landscape.

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