Dutch Bros Inc. Added to Wedbush’s Best-Ideas List



Dutch Bros: A Growing Force

Analyst Nick Setyan praises Dutch Bros management for their strategic focus on various transaction drivers that have the potential to propel the company forward. With a strong emphasis on throughput, rewards, marketing, and store manager bonus structure, Dutch Bros is only in the initial stages of what Setyan considers to be a promising journey.

The stock market responded positively to this news, with Dutch Bros’ stock experiencing a 2.2% increase on Thursday.

Upgrades for Cheesecake Factory and Cava Group

In addition to the elevation of Dutch Bros, Wedbush has also upgraded Cheesecake Factory Inc. and Cava Group Inc., signaling confidence in their performance.

Cheesecake Factory’s stock rose by 2.8% following the upgrade. Setyan highlights the company’s realistic same-store-sales growth estimates, as well as its impressive margin trajectory and cash-on-cash returns, which he believes are not fully recognized by the market. Furthermore, Setyan expresses optimism that a decreasing interest rate environment will alleviate the current pressure on Cheesecake Factory’s valuation.


With Dutch Bros gracing Wedbush’s best-ideas list and upgrades for Cheesecake Factory and Cava Group, the restaurant sector is buzzing with anticipation. The future looks bright for these companies as they strive to reach their full potential in the competitive market.

Cava’s Profit Outlook Surpasses Expectations

According to Wedbush, Cava is expected to exceed its own conservative profit forecast for the upcoming quarter. Despite the potential threat of lower grocery inflation in the fast casual category in 2024, Wedbush remains optimistic about Cava’s ability to overcome this challenge due to its relative value proposition and maturation cycle contribution to comp positions.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. and Wendy’s Downgraded

In addition to Cava’s positive outlook, Wedbush has downgraded Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. and Wendy’s Co. to a neutral rating from outperform.

Chipotle’s Transaction Growth Slows

The downgrade for Chipotle comes as a result of slowing transaction growth. This decline has prompted Wedbush to reassess its previous rating.

Wendy’s Premium Quick-Serve Positioning “At Risk”

On the other hand, Wendy’s downgrade is attributed to its positioning as a premium quick-serve restaurant, which is now considered “at risk” due to the increasingly value-oriented environment in the fast-food sector.

The Impact of Grocery-Store Meals

Additionally, Wedbush cites competition from grocery-store meals, which have become more affordable as inflation moderates. This trend is expected to contribute to the ongoing unfavorable gap between restaurants and grocery prices.

In conclusion, Cava’s positive performance is expected to outshine the challenges faced by the fast casual category, while Chipotle and Wendy’s face their own obstacles in the competitive market.

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