Godawan Single Malt Whiskey: Elevating the Indian Whisky Experience


The Back Story

We are all familiar with the renowned Scottish single malt whiskies and the exceptional ones that hail from Japan. However, there is a rising force in the whisky world that demands attention – Indian single malts.

Indian single malts have been steadily gaining popularity, not only within India but also on a global scale. In fact, higher-end versions of these whiskies have started making their way into the United States. A research report suggests that the Indian whisky industry is expected to experience a remarkable annual growth rate of 7.6% in the upcoming years, projecting an increase from 241.7 million cases in 2022 to an astonishing 375.1 million cases by 2028.

What further adds to the significance of this trend is the entry of prominent players in the spirits industry. Among them stands Godawan, a distinguished Indian single-malt brand from Diageo, a global spirits conglomerate. Since its launch in 2022, Godawan has captured the attention of whisky enthusiasts and is now readily available in the United States.

Vikram Damodaran, the chief innovation officer for Diageo’s operations in India, highlights what sets Godawan apart – the use of locally sourced barley in its whisky production. This unique ingredient lends an exceptional robustness to Godawan’s character, making it truly distinct.

Discover the essence of Indian single malt whiskies with Godawan 01 “Rich & Rounded” and Godawan 02 “Fruit & Spice.” Prepare to be captivated by a whisky experience like no other.

Aging Whisky in India: A Distinctive Flavor Experience

The warm climate of India plays a significant role in the aging process of whisky. While it accelerates the maturation, it does not compromise the quality. However, it does result in a larger loss, known as the “angel’s share,” during cask aging. Nevertheless, what remains in the cask is remarkably complex.

Targeting discerning Indian consumers who have a taste for global travel, this whisky brand made its debut in Dubai. Nevertheless, whisky enthusiasts from around the world have an opportunity to sample these exceptional concoctions.

The name of this brand pays homage to a bird native to the Indian subcontinent, celebrated for being one of the largest flying creatures globally, capturing the essence of uniqueness and grandeur.

Our Impressions

These whiskies are meticulously crafted, offering a delightful blend of flavors at a reasonable price point. While reminiscent of Scotch, they possess their own distinctive character. Personally, I am particularly fond of the 02 Fruit & Spice variant, which lives up to its name. According to Damodaran, expect notes of raisins and nuts on the palate, coupled with a refreshing menthol-like finish.

The Best Way to Savor Them

To fully appreciate the intricate complexity of these whiskies, Damodaran recommends enjoying them neat initially. However, he assures that adding a large ice cube is also acceptable, enhancing your enjoyment. For fans of whisky cocktails, he suggests using the 02 Fruit & Spice variant in a classic whiskey sour.

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