‘How to Be Multiple’ and ‘Twinkind’ Review: Thinking Twice


Review by Christine Rosen

In this review, Christine Rosen explores the fascinating experience of being one of two individuals and how singletons perceive and envy them. The books in focus are ‘How to Be Multiple’ and ‘Twinkind’.

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‘The Book at War’ Review: Passing Time in the Trenches

Review by Jonathan Rose

Jonathan Rose delves into the reading preferences of soldiers during wartime, including their fondness for westerns, mysteries, sports, and middlebrow fiction. Unfortunately, libraries were often casualties of war.

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‘Portal’ Review: San Francisco’s Beacon on the Bay

Review by John Buntin

John Buntin takes us on a journey to the landmark Ferry Building in San Francisco, a survivor of the devastating 1906 earthquake and fire. Today, it stands as a bustling food emporium and a testament to the city’s resilience.

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Fiction: A Year in Reflection

In 2023, many novelists found themselves looking back instead of forging ahead. Sam Sacks reflects on this trend and its impact on the literary landscape.

‘Goodbye, Russia’ Review: Rachmaninoff, Global Citizen

Review by Norman Lebrecht

Norman Lebrecht examines the life of Sergei Rachmaninoff, a composer who sought refuge in America but maintained his presence in Europe through annual performances in renowned concert halls.

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‘Times Square Remade’ Review: The City’s Crossroads at a Crossroad

Review by Edward Kosner

Edward Kosner explores the transformation of Manhattan’s 42nd Street, once a troubled area policed by helmeted officers wielding batons. He reflects on how it has evolved into a vibrant crossroad of the city.

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‘The Book of Cocktail Ratios’ Review: Math Meets Mixology

Review by Max Watman

Max Watman dissects the art of mixing cocktails and emphasizes the importance of understanding ratios in achieving the perfect drink. Through his review, he challenges the notion that cocktail-making is complex and highlights its mathematical foundations.

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Children’s Books: Judgment Calls

As we near the end of the year, let’s reflect on a multitude of children’s books that have taken up trendy causes. In this review, we will delve into the highlights and key elements of these literary works.

‘Thank You’ Review: A Memoir From Sly Stone

Sly Stone, renowned for hits like ‘Everyday People’ and ‘Dance to the Music,’ experienced a significant shift when chaos began to dominate his life. Delve into the memoir that unveils the highs and lows of this iconic bandleader, in this insightful review by Wesley Stace.

‘Pure Wit’ Review: The Duchess Who Dared

Margaret Cavendish, a remarkable figure in history, not only delved into pioneering works of fiction but also explored poetry on ‘the new science’ of atomism. Join us in exploring her intriguing literary contributions in this review by Ruth Scurr.

‘God’s Scrivener’ Review: The Inspiration of Jones Very

Jones Very, a loyal follower of Ralph Waldo Emerson, wholly believed that he was a conduit for divine truths found in nature. Discover the captivating story of Very’s spiritual journey in this review by Christoph Irmscher.

Five Best: Books on Shifting Perspectives

The Year in Reading: Our Favorite Books of 2023

Step into a comprehensive guide showcasing The Wall Street Journal’s favorite books from the past year. Find out which literary gems captivated our attention and made an indelible impact.

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