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Chief technical officer

Technological progress, which began several decades ago, is only gaining momentum. Already today, everyone can feel its influence. It extends to almost all areas of activity and affects essential aspects of people’s daily lives. This becomes noticeable to everyone, and everyone can understand the significance of the technological process. However, to assess its impact on global things, you need to resort to the help of specialists. To do this, we invited Mr. Jason Woods, who holds the position of Chief technical officer at TechBerry, to visit.

We- Glad to have you as our guest. I’d like your opinion about the global changes in the world. Are they already happening, or do you need to wait for more?

– I did not expect such a start, but I will try to answer your question. The world has changed a lot. Proof of this is the robots being introduced into various areas of our activity. These devices themselves drive cars, deliver food and carry out complex operations. And if we also remember the attempts of people to colonize other planets, then it turns out that we live in an age of most significant change. Therefore, as an advanced company, our task is to have time to adapt to the emerging new realities.

– How do you see these changes?

– I realized that I needed to change after a glance at my smartphone. At that moment, I thought that this small device, in terms of computing capabilities, was far superior to the equipment from the spacecraft that humanity sent to the moon. If the engineers of that time could cope with the task with inefficient technology, why can’t I do something similar?

– Probably, their task was a little easier than yours. They were pioneers, and you have the experience of several generations behind you.

– Maybe. However, even in our case, you can achieve good results by choosing the right key to success. For me, the key is openness and flexibility in thinking. I never limit myself to certain limits, so I consider competitors only as a temporary guide. Otherwise, it is impossible. If you see your opponents as a role models, you will drive yourself into a cage from which it won’t be easy to get out.

In our case, the example with cars fits very well. People started riding them a long time ago, but they still haven’t stopped doing it. The first vehicles are inherently little different from modern ones. They are used for the same purposes and have almost the same principle of operation. Despite this, cars continue to improve, and we are presented with new exciting models yearly. This is made possible by global thinking, which allows you to see standard things in different ways.

– Is this the job of TechBerry?

– Yes, I want it to be so. All our developments are aimed at systematizing existing work experience. After all, it’s no secret that everything related to finance is difficult to understand. However, to make all this understandable to everyone, you need to use TechBerry algorithms. It lets you jump above your head and find the best solution for a particular case.

– What is the basis of all this? Are you using some standard stuff or creating something new?

– We are always moving in our direction and rely only on our developments. This is the critical factor that sets TechBerry apart from the competition. This approach to work motivates each employee and increases his desire to work for the company’s benefit. At the same time, competitors are trying to follow the beaten path. They hope it will take them over the horizon but never believe it. I need to put my soul into the business. If this is done, a good solution will always be unique. Because of this, TechBerry is moving beyond the existing path and looking for more effective workarounds. This opens up new horizons and often leads to good results.

TechBerry products’ heart is a symbiosis of many people and machines. Only in this case is it possible to correctly combine mathematical laws and the experience of specialists in trading. All this gives a beautiful effect, which cannot be achieved in any other way.

– Can you call such a symbiosis a full-fledged union of a person and a computer?

No, but there is still some truth in it. Our company works in such a complex area as social trading. Because of this, the success of a business depends on dozens of different factors, each of which is important for the overall result. If you subordinate all this to a single law, nothing good will come of it. At the same time, if we correctly combine the capabilities of man and artificial intelligence, the result will be a full-fledged system that can exist autonomously.

– Excellent, but incredibly difficult.

– That’s the way it should be. The TechBerry team, consisting of high-class specialists, spent much time creating a high-quality product. It works efficiently and has high performance. However, I do not consider this fact to be the main one. The main thing seems to be creating a specific space for further development. This is very important for me and the company as a whole.

You seem to be very passionate about what you do. However, explaining all of the above in simpler terms is possible.

– No problem. Let’s draw some parallels between the TechBerry product and the Moneyball system. In this film, the characters do the same thing we do. They turn a simple baseball game into a complete system where the human factor plays a key role. This proves that nothing in this world is impossible.

– Does it inspire you? What is the role of work and other activities in your life?

– I always call myself happy because I can do what I like. To do this, I have everything you need, starting with a team of objective professionals and ending with the resources to achieve the goal. However, the main thing that inspires me is the vast potential of TechBerry. For some, it causes fear that the product being created can develop faster than you. In such situations, I always point to my colleagues, who, in which case, will not leave me alone with the problem. I am sure that we have everything to develop and surprise our customers.

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