Medicare Price Negotiations: The First 10 Drugs


The recent passing of the Inflation Reduction Act has ushered in a new era for Medicare. For the first time, Medicare has been granted the power to directly negotiate the prices of certain drugs. In an official announcement by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the first 10 drugs subject to these price negotiations have been revealed.

The Inflation Reduction Act: Empowering Medicare

The Inflation Reduction Act, also known as IRA, was signed into law in August 2022. It paved the way for Medicare to engage in direct negotiations regarding drug prices, a significant development in healthcare policy. This legislation marks a crucial turning point, as it empowers Medicare to take a more active role in ensuring fair and affordable pricing for medications.

The First 10 Drugs Under Price Negotiation

Medicare’s initial focus will be on negotiating the prices of key medications. The following 10 drugs have been identified as the starting point for these price negotiations:

  1. Eliquis
  2. Jardiance
  3. Xarelto
  4. Januvia
  5. Farxiga
  6. Entresto
  7. Enbrel
  8. Imbruvica
  9. Stelara
  10. Fiasp

These drugs have been selected based on their significant usage among Medicare Part D beneficiaries between June 2022 and May 2023. Over this period, approximately 8.2 million individuals with Medicare Part D coverage relied on these medications for various conditions. The collective cost of these drugs during this timeframe amounted to an impressive $50.5 billion in total Part D gross covered prescription drug expenses.

Impact and Implications

The inclusion of these 10 drugs sets the stage for meaningful change in prescription drug pricing within Medicare. Negotiating fair prices will have a positive impact on the millions of individuals who rely on these medications to manage their health conditions. These ongoing price negotiations represent a step towards enhancing accessibility and affordability for Medicare beneficiaries, promoting a more equitable healthcare system.

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