New York’s $950 Million Bet on Elon Musk’s Solar-Panel Factory Fails to Shine


New York state made an ambitious $950 million investment over the past decade in Elon Musk’s solar-panel factory project in Buffalo. However, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the project has faced significant challenges.

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo spearheaded the initiative, which involved constructing a massive facility with 1.2 million square feet of industrial space. The state leased this facility to Tesla Inc., owned by Musk, for a nominal fee of $1 per year. In return, Tesla pledged to remain at the location until 2029. Additionally, the state purchased solar-panel manufacturing equipment worth $240 million.

Initially, Musk optimistically predicted that by 2020, the factory would produce enough solar panels to cover 1,000 roofs. However, reality fell short, with the factory averaging just 21 installations per week, according to analysts at Wood Mackenzie.

While the building does provide employment for some factory workers, it primarily houses data analysts working on Tesla’s self-driving technology and other business endeavors. Unfortunately, the anticipated influx of suppliers to the factory did not materialize. As a result, the state had to sell the solar-panel equipment at a discounted rate or scrap it altogether.

An audit into the project’s economic impact revealed that for every subsidy dollar spent, only 54 cents of economic benefit was generated. In addition, external auditors significantly devalued New York state’s investment.

Despite initial high hopes, New York’s venture into Musk’s solar-panel factory has fallen short of expectations. It serves as a cautionary tale of the uncertainties and risks associated with large-scale investments.

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