NN Group Transfers 13 Billion Euros in Pension Liability Risks


NN Group, a Dutch insurance and asset-management group, has successfully transferred 13 billion euros worth of pension liability risks in the Netherlands. This strategic move has effectively reduced NN Group’s exposure to longevity risk and has significantly reinforced its capital position.

The transfers were conducted by NN Life, a subsidiary of NN Group, and involved two major entities, namely Prudential Financial and Swiss Re. Together, these transfers covered a total of 300,000 policies.

As a result of these risk transfers, NN Group’s Solvency II ratio will experience an increase of 8 percentage points. Furthermore, NN Life’s Solvency II ratio will be boosted by 17 percentage points.

At the end of September, NN Group’s Solvency II ratio stood at an impressive 205%, while NN Life’s ratio was reported at 187%.

According to Chief Executive David Knibbe, “the capital uplift and economics from these transactions are very attractive compared to the limited impact on operating capital generation.” He went on to highlight that this move reflects NN Group’s ongoing efforts to identify value-creating opportunities, effectively manage longevity risk within the Dutch market, and proactively oversee the management of their balance sheet.

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