Positive Momentum for Cake Box Holdings in Fiscal Year


Cake Box Holdings has experienced continued positive momentum in the first half of the new fiscal year, positioning itself on track to meet revenue market forecasts for the entire year.

Leadership Change at Cake Box

Nonexecutive Chairman Nilesh Sachdev has announced plans to step down in November to focus on his external commitments. The company’s board will commence the search for a suitable replacement.

Strong Performance for Franchisee Stores

Cake Box reported a significant increase in like-for-like sales for franchisee stores during the 17-week period ending July 30. Sales grew by 6.8%, surpassing the growth of 5.4% observed in the first 11 weeks.

Efficient Cost Control Measures

Cake Box has effectively managed cost control measures, minimizing the impact of inflation on both input and administrative costs. The company’s proactive approach has helped maintain financial stability.

Positive Outlook for Profit and Revenue

While the company has not provided specific forecasts for the year, adjusted pretax profit is projected to reach £5.8 million ($7.4 million) for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, compared to £5.4 million achieved in fiscal 2023. Additionally, revenue is forecasted to reach £38.05 million, indicating growth from £34.80 million in the previous year. These projections are based on estimates from two analysts sourced from FactSet.

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