Top 10 Best Forex Trading Strategies and Tips in 2023


To achieve good results in sports, you need to be physically active every day, eat right, observe the KBJU for your body weight and exercise actively. There are no days off from sports or compulsive overeating. You will only see a good result, a toned body, muscle relief, and a small fat layer in this case. If something is removed from this equation, the result will not be. Because for a good result, the sequence and plan of action, discipline, and interest are critical. So it is in the forex trading market. Field and the presence of a trading strategy are two of the main components of a successful transaction and profit. Of course, not all systems that a trader or google can offer you will be successful. But we will tell you about a few, adhering to which you will find the result. After all, confidence in the development and a good strategy makes you feel calmer and more accessible in your decisions.

Trading strategy and its impact

Any trading strategy is designed to determine how you enter the market, how you behave when trading, how you make deals, and how successful you are.

Forex traders are constantly creating and testing new strategies; some become wildly successful, and others start copying them. However, the more people use a single strategy, the less effective it is because work on implementation and changes is ongoing. But still, some plans will increase your income, and we have made a small selection to make it easier for you to figure it out and choose your own.

The Bollinger Band strategy is used to predict and analyze the market’s possible level of support or resistance. This tool consists of 3 lines, the central one indicates the SMA, which is quoted for 20 days, and the upper and lower lines study and show the volatility of the trading market. If the market indicators are far apart, this indicates a lack of stability, but if the market is stable, the distance between them is reduced.

This strategy helps traders make a plan for exiting and entering a trade and adjust stops in trading. At the same time, you need to observe and predict; if the range of lines is too extensive, how will the market behave? Will time pass and everything stabilize, or will it continue to sag?

Momentum indicator strategy

The momentum indicator compares the closing price of the current trade with the previous one and subtracts the difference between them. The gap of the hand extends up and down from the 100 axes and helps to determine how fast and how much the price fluctuates when making some trades. For example, if the indicator points to 105, it means that the market is growing and the price, respectively; if it is 95 on the chart, then prices are falling rapidly. Observing and working with this strategy helps to monitor how prices move and plan actions in the market.

Fibonacci strategy

Used to identify growth and resistance points and is plotted as six lines (3 at 100% high, 50% average, 0% low, and the other 3 define the Fibonacci sequence of 61.8%, 38.2%, and 23.6% This strategy helps to place orders to enter and exit the trading market.

Bladerunner forex strategy

This strategy compares the level of the trading market for this period with what it should have been predicted to be. How large the discrepancy affects the definition of entry and exit points for a particular trade. But it would be best to be extremely careful because this strategy only works with trending markets. Therefore, if the analysis showed a drop in trading or you needed help figuring it out, it is better to use it in conjunction with the previous one.

Forex crossover strategy

This strategy focuses on the intersection of the moving average with the lower or upper point, which determines the trend of the development of the transaction. The crossover strategy helps to stop losses because, in an extended position, it will be presented at the bottom point and in a short place at the highest point of the candle.


The main task of the strategy is to determine the closing trend and start a new one, using two moving averages and trend indicators for this. By analyzing the convergence or divergence of the lines, one can foresee the best time to trade, sell or buy currency, raw materials, stocks, or other elements of transactions. If the MACD lines cross above the signal line, it is worth making a purchase; if it is below, sell.

Keltner Channel

The Keltner Channel trading indicator helps track when and how much the currency pair deviated from the moving average. The essence of this strategy is to build a chart in which the range of price development from the market average will be plotted (the exact distance between the fields is critical). If the price moves in one of the range directions, crossing them, then presumably, its movement will continue in the same direction. That is, if in the analysis, we see that the price goes up, crossing the range lines, then we can conclude that it will continue to grow.

Fractal Forex Indicator Strategy

A fractal indicates a certain repeating point that needs to be correlated with support and resistance points. If the indicator appears at these levels, this is an indicator that it is necessary to conduct trades. But the fractal system is very unreliable, especially if the hands go beyond the minimum / maximum allowable indicators; therefore, it often becomes an addition to others.


Traders use this index in most technical analyzes, which can later be used in any strategy. These indicators show the level of resale and repurchase and analyze market dynamics. The RSI axis has a specific pattern of development from 0 to 100. Anything above 70 is considered overbought, while anything below 30 is considered resale.

Breakout trading strategy

Breakout trading is a strategy where a trader takes a position before the trend time. When the support or resistance level has significantly exceeded expectations, and the price has changed dramatically, then a breakout occurs. Moreover, your actions and market changes may be due to specific rules that you manage to adhere to, but you should only try your luck for a short time because Forex is very changeable.

How to choose a strategy

When you enter Forex and have already chosen a broker, you must study all the strategies and decide before you start working. But don’t get hung up on one; combining several for the desired result is best. If you do not want to study all the pros and cons of strategies for a long and painful time, or if you’re going to check your broker, you need to use assistant bots. Strategyquan and revenue will be a real boon for you in harsh forex trading. These programs will help you quickly choose or strategize based on your desires, goals, and what market you are targeting. With the right approach, the success of the transaction is guaranteed!

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