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Will you claim Social Security early or hold out as long as possible?

August used to be the best month for the stock market. Then it became the worst.

Shunned commodity ETFs starting to ‘perk up’ as Fed watches grain prices

Main Street is struggling while Wall Street celebrates, and that spells trouble for stocks

You can still run with the stock market’s bulls, but watch the exits

Sell-signals are becoming more evident; keep a core bullish position for now.

How you can profit in the stock market from an incredible financial services trend over the next 20 years

The coming “great wealth transfer” has been covered, but right now stocks of companies set to ride a two-decade growth wave are trading at low valuations.

Nasdaq 100 has lightened up on Big Tech stocks, but investors don’t seem to care

Recent ‘special rebalancing’ is unlikely to hurt the performance of the index itself or the stocks that are affected.

These stocks all pass The Prudent Speculator’s value screens, are rated a “buy” under the newsletter’s methodology and have been soaring since the end of May.

These 7 momentum stocks ignited the market. Look out when they start to fall.

TheoTrade’s Jeffrey Bierman on algorithmic trading: ‘Nothing matters except what the algos can chase higher.’ Beware the ‘Magnificent Seven’ stocks.

No chance we’re having a soft landing: Stock-market strategist David Rosenberg gives Powell’s Fed no credit – and no mercy

As recession looms, Rosenberg advises investors to turn to bonds and rate-sensitive stocks like utilities, consumer staples, and REITs.

How much do you believe in this market? Your gut feeling matters more than the stocks and bonds you like.

To build a diversified portfolio, consider the current mood of investors along with traditional assets.

‘Oppenheimer’ gives stock investors another reason to be bullish about nuclear energy

Nuclear power is emerging as a valuable ally in the global fight against climate change.

CFOs are good market timers. Is that a bad thing?

Managers make informed decisions by recognizing undervalued stocks and purchasing more shares using market timing strategies.

Here’s how your spending habits and views about money look to a financial adviser

Financial planners take into account your car choices, dining preferences, and impulsive shopping tendencies.

You track savings, spending, and investments. But are you paying attention to the right numbers?

These tips provide a comprehensive view of your household finances and portfolio investments.

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