Wall Street Gains Confidence in Citigroup’s Ambitious Reorganization


Citigroup (ticker: C) is impressing Wall Street with its ambitious reorganization strategy, fueling investor confidence in the bank’s future.

Streamlining Organizational Structure

In a press release on Monday, Citigroup announced the commencement of the next phase of its restructuring plan. This phase involves eliminating unnecessary management layers and transforming the bank into a leaner organization. As part of this strategy, layoffs are expected, with reports suggesting that up to 10% of Citigroup’s workforce may be affected.

“We recognize that the decisions we’re making to reorganize the firm are challenging and significant. However, we firmly believe that they are necessary to align our structure with our strategic objectives and ensure consistent excellence in serving our clients,” stated Citigroup.

Planned Exits for Strategic Purposes

Citigroup also confirmed the successful sale of its consumer businesses in Indonesia – the ninth planned exit as part of the bank’s strategic initiatives. Additionally, progress has been made towards winding down consumer operations in China and Korea, as well as completely exiting from Russia.

Renewed Investor Optimism

Although Citigroup has faced its fair share of ups and downs over the past two decades, recent turnaround efforts have sparked renewed optimism among investors. The bank’s shares currently trade at only half of their tangible book value – a significant discount compared to its peers. This means that even a hint of recovery could greatly impact the bank’s stock performance.

As Citigroup marches forward with its reorganization plans, it continues to attract interest from Wall Street, bolstering hopes of a bright future for the banking giant.

Citigroup’s Cost-Cutting Measures Drive Stock Performance

Shares of Citigroup have experienced a significant increase of 13.5% over the past month, surpassing the 6% gain witnessed in the S&P 500. Seaport Research analysts are optimistic about the bank’s potential for cost savings through headcount reductions, which could exceed $2.5 billion within the next 12 to 18 months.

According to Jim Mitchell, a senior analyst at Seaport, Citigroup’s expenses may see a material decrease, dropping to a figure “materially lower” than $50 billion by 2025. This estimation does not take into account severance and other reorganization costs. By implementing cost-cutting strategies and reducing the number of employees, Citigroup aims to enhance its efficiency levels and align with industry peers.

Currently, Citigroup’s efficiency ratio stands at 68.4%, whereas its counterparts, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, report ratios of 52.6%, 63.0%, and 63.9%, respectively. Lowering expenses below $50 billion is crucial in bridging this efficiency gap. Achieving success in this endeavor will likely present further opportunities for the bank’s stock.

Mitchell emphasizes that beyond the initial round of restructuring, there will be more opportunities for improved efficiency and productivity. As a result, he rates Citigroup stock as a Buy with a price target of $62.

In Monday’s trading session, Citigroup stock showed a modest gain of 0.2%, reaching a price of $45.46 per share.

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