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Masimo (MASI)

According to S&P Capital IQ, Politan Capital disclosed that they hold an 8.9% interest in Masimo, the monitoring-technology company. Their total number of shares is 4,713,518, making them one of the top five shareholders in the company. In preparation for the 2023 annual shareholder meeting held on June 26, Politan Capital submitted Michelle Brennan and founder Quentin Koffey as candidates for Masimo’s board. Both were successfully elected as Masimo directors. Quentin Koffey of Politan Capital emphasizes that this vote signals the shareholders’ demand for significant change within the company.

Since the beginning of the year until July 6, Masimo stock has experienced a 7% increase.

Decreases in Holdings

Vera Therapeutics (VERA)

Carlyle Group (ticker: CG) has reduced its position in the pharmaceutical company, Vera Therapeutics, to a total of 2,416,837 shares. Between June 27 and June 30, Carlyle subsidiary Abingworth Bioventures 8 LP sold 543,394 Vera Therapeutics shares at varied per-share prices ranging from $16.97 to $18.34. Currently, Carlyle holds a 5.5% stake in Vera Therapeutics.

Despite experiencing significant growth over the past three months due to positive phase 2b trial results for its Berger disease treatment, Vera Therapeutics stock has dropped around 20% since the start of the year.


In mid-June, Coliseum Capital continued decreasing its interest in GMS, a specialty building-products distributor. They sold a total of 1.56 million GMS shares.

Coliseum Capital Reduces Stake in GMS

From June 27 through June 29, Coliseum Capital sold 817,670 GMS shares at prices ranging from $70 to $71.68 each. This reduced Coliseum Capital’s ownership of GMS shares to 3,417,651, which is equal to 8.4% of the company’s outstanding stock. Previously, Coliseum Capital held nearly 6.34 million shares of GMS, representing an approximately 14.5% ownership in September 2022.

Strong Performance for GMS in Fiscal Year Ended April 30

In late June, GMS reported that its fiscal year ended April 30 resulted in record levels of net sales, net income, adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), and cash-flow generation.

HHLR Advisors Reduces Position in I-Mab

HHLR Advisors reduced its holding in the Chinese biopharmaceutical company, I-Mab, to 6,909,220 American depositary shares, which is equivalent to 15,891,211 ordinary shares. On June 28, HHLR sold 45,222 I-Mab ADRs at a price of $3.03 per share. As a result, HHLR now holds an 8.3% interest in I-Mab. The stock has experienced a decline of over a third in its value year-to-date through July 6, with shares reaching a record intraday low of $2.61 on that day.

Gamco Investors Decreases Stake in Mueller Industries

Gamco Investors decreased its position in the industrial hardware maker, Mueller Industries, to 3,475,947 shares. Between May 1 and June 28, Gamco Investors sold 326,706 Mueller Industries shares at prices ranging from $71.48 to $86.75 each. Additionally, on May 24, the company purchased just 600 shares at an average per-share price of $75.14. Following these transactions, Gamco Investors now holds 6.1% of Mueller Industries’ tradable stock.

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