Baxter Forecasts Sales Growth for 2023


Baxter International, a leading healthcare company, has provided a positive outlook for its sales growth in 2023. As part of its strategic focus on hospital supplies, particularly Hillrom beds, the company has outlined two different scenarios for its earnings performance, taking into account the uncertainty surrounding the timing of a unit divestiture.

Scenario 1: Sale of BioPharma Solutions Unit Does Not Close in 2023

If the sale of Baxter’s BioPharma Solutions unit does not close in 2023, the company aims for adjusted earnings of $2.92 to $3 per share. These adjusted earnings will include the results of the discontinued unit but exclude any other one-time items. Excluding the discontinued operations, Baxter is targeting adjusted earnings ranging from $2.49 to $2.57 per share.

Scenario 2: Sale of BioPharma Solutions Unit Closes on Sept. 30

Alternatively, if the sale of the BioPharma Solutions unit concludes on September 30, Baxter expects adjusted earnings of $2.87 to $2.95 per share, which includes other discontinued operations. In this scenario, Baxter is targeting adjusted earnings from operations within a range of $2.54 to $2.62 per share.

In both scenarios, Baxter forecasts sales growth from its continuing operations to be around 1% to 2%, or approximately 2% on a constant currency basis.

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