CryptoHero Review: Cryptocurrency Automated Grid Bot


CryptoHero offers various crypto bots that are suitable for trading in different market conditions. It allows traders to test their strategies without any risk on virtual funds. The platform includes backtesting to evaluate the performance of your algorithm using historical data. With the marketplace, developers can earn extra revenue by renting their robots and offering services to new users. To learn more about this platform’s prior success, we’ll examine many tools and features to see if it matches your requirements.

CryptoHero detailed analysis

CryptoHero is a multi-platform crypto bot that trades automatically and integrates different exchanges so that traders may manage multiple accounts from a unified interface. AI-optimized indicators provide insight into the market’s finest opportunities.

How CryptoHero works

The vendor states that CryptoHero is suitable for bull, bear, and range-bound markets. The bots execute various trading strategies such as DCA, long/short strategy, etc. There are several technical indicators like Bollinger Band, RSI, Stoch RSI, EMA, and MACD.

Trading strategies of CryptoHero
Trading strategies of CryptoHero

Registration process

Traders can start trading with CryptoHero in the following steps:

  1. Install the software or rent a bot from the marketplace
  2. Select crypto exchange and link API keys
  3. Choose the number of funds
  4. Configure different parameters like entry/exit conditions, strategy, and trading pair
  5. Launch the bot and start trading

Is it easy to use?

CryptoHero enables traders to automate trades from their phones and does not require any coding skills. The bots are based on technical indicators that trade prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

CryptoHero key highlights

The key highlights of CryptoHero are as follows:

  • Run a small portfolio with a free basic plan
  • Rent a bot from the marketplace
  • A simulated trading account without investing real funds
  • Support for Web, Android, and IOS

Services offered by CryptoHero

CryptoHero offers various trading bots for different market conditions. A free plan is available for small portfolios with limited features. It provides video lessons about the platform for new traders. 


CryptoHero allows backtesting in 6 timeframes 1 day, weekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and a year. It enables you to analyze the past performance of the bot.

Backtesting at CryptoHero
Backtesting at CryptoHero

Does it have a native token?

CryptoHero does not have its native token as it is an automated trading platform.

CryptoHero user interface

The user interface of CryptoHero is average and supports multiple languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Tamil, Polish, Hindi, German, and many more. The dashboard of the platform provides essential trading tools.

Is it a good bet for its price?

CryptoHero has three different pricing packages. Basic, Premium, and Professional.

  • The basic plan is free and compatible with iOS, Android, and the web. It comes with one bot and an unlimited number of connected exchanges.
  • The premium option costs $13.99 per month or $139.99 per year. It includes access to all bots, including simple, advanced, DCA, and others.
  • The professional bundle is $29.99 per month or $299 per year and includes 30 active bots, a custom backtest period, and a 5-minute trading frequency.
Subscription plans of CryptoHero
Subscription plans of CryptoHero

What exchanges does it support?

CryptoHero supports trading on the following exchanges:

  1. Binance
  2. Coinbase
  3. Binance US
  4. Coinbase Pro
  5. Kraken
  6. Kucoin
  7. Bittrex
  8. Bitfinex
  9. Bitget
  10. Mandala
  11. Felix
  13. Tokocrypto
  15. IndoDax
  16. Okex
  17. FTX
  18. TradeStation
  19. Huobi

CryptoHero trading assets

CryptoHero does not provide a list of available trading pairs but states that if the required pairs are not available, send an email to the support team. 

Supported pairing
Supported pairing

Are there any fees?

CryptoHero does not take commissions from the profits and charges a fixed monthly fee which is not mentioned. The listing fee of the bots on the marketplace is 30% and a minimum of $20 for the payments.

Bot listing fees on the marketplace
Bot listing fees on the marketplace

Withdrawal process

The platform provides no details about the withdrawal process of funds. It strictly advises users not to give withdrawal permission while connecting API keys.

CryptoHero: is it legit?

CryptoHero is supported by Novum Group and it is featured on big platforms like Benzinga, Sourceforge, Yahoo finance, Super crypto news, etc. According to the website it sponsors Coinfest Asia 2022.

Websites featuring CryptoHero
Websites featuring CryptoHero

What kind of security does CryptoHero offer?

CryptoHero does not disclose your trading data with any crypto exchange without your permission. It trades from your account using API keys and does not require users to deposit crypto with the platform.

Is CryptoHero regulated?

We can not find any info about the regulation of this software on its official website. It integrates with third-party regulated software and does not claim any responsibility for the losses.

At CryptoHero, you can trade and manage multiple exchange accounts from one platform. The dashboard shows the trading history and you can also copy the settings of expert traders for a better experience.

Multi-exchange support
Multi-exchange support

CryptoHero customer support

CryptoHero assists its customers through various channels such as Contact form, WhatsApp, email, and Telegram group. 

Customer Service Options
Customer Service Options

How does CryptoHero’s reputation look?

CryptoHero is handled by the Novum group, and the headquarters of the company Novum Global Ventures Pte Ltd, exist in Singapore. It has offices situated in Vietnam, Switzerland, and US. Mr. Christopher Low is the founder of this robot.

The team behind CryptoHero
The team behind CryptoHero

CryptoHero Crypto Bot

2.8 5 0 1
CryptoHero offers fully automated cryptocurrency bots that execute orders based on several strategies. It is relatively new in the crypto market as it was launched in 2020 and it has no performance records on its website. A reputable review site, Trustpilot shows no reviews from past customers.
CryptoHero offers fully automated cryptocurrency bots that execute orders based on several strategies. It is relatively new in the crypto market as it was launched in 2020 and it has no performance records on its website. A reputable review site, Trustpilot shows no reviews from past customers.
2.8 rating
Total Score
  • Features
    3.0 rating
    3/5 Neutral
  • Supported Exchanges
    3.0 rating
    3/5 Neutral
  • Price
    3.0 rating
    3/5 Neutral
  • Security
    2.0 rating
    2/5 Bad
  • Customer Support
    3.0 rating
    3/5 Neutral

The Good

  • No coding skills are required to configure the strategies
  • It supports Web, IOs, and Android allowing traders to trade from anywhere at any time

The Bad

  • The platform lacks verified trading performance and customer feedback
  • There is no refund policy
  • It does not provide extensive documentation
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