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Trality is a cloud-based crypto trading automation platform that enables investors to code their algorithms in Python. The marketplace serves as a space for day traders to interact and discuss their algorithms’ strategies, ideas, etc. Beginners can start trading by using the built-in templates of the service. Let’s review the system’s features, offers, profitability, pricing, and much more to determine if it meets your trading needs.

Trality detailed analysis

At Trality, traders can trade on various crypto exchanges like Binance, Kraken, FTX, etc. It includes predefined signals such as CCI, money flow index, Parabolic SAR, momentum, Bollinger bands, etc. The platform claims to have $10 million+ trading volume, and over 80K verified users. 

The trading volume of Trality
The trading volume of Trality

How Trality works

Trality operates by interacting directly with exchanges and automatically placing orders. The decision to buy/sell coins depend on market movements and rules defined by the trader. To create advanced algorithms, traders should have astute skills in Python. 

Requirements of Trality
Requirements of Trality

Registration process

Traders can register and start trading with Trality in the following steps:

  1. Create an account on the site using your email address and password
  2. Select the Create new bot option from the dashboard
  3. Give it a name and choose between coding and rule builder
  4. Select the currency and crypto exchange from the list
  5. Launch the bot.

Is it easy to use?

Trality offers two options for creating a bot such as:

  • The code editor

You can create complex bots by writing code in Python. You can set your parameters and strategy as you like. 

  • The rule builder

It does not require coding skills and offers predefined strategies and over 100 indicators. It is recommended for traders with no knowledge of Python.  

Creating a new Trality bot
Creating a new Trality bot

Trality key highlights

The essential tools and features of Trality includes:

  • Professional traders can create complex strategies and bots with Python.
  • The rule builder offers over 100 indicators and preset strategies, requiring no coding skills.
  • It is a cloud-based software and trades 24/7 in the market.
  • Backtesting enables traders to test and optimize their systems. 

Services offered by Trality

Trality allows traders to create their desired trading bots and provides a marketplace where they can rent algorithms. The platform offers virtual accounts to users for trading with demo funds for experience and testing the system. Investors can benefit from a free plan with a limit of €5,000.

Free plan of Trality bot
Free plan of Trality bot

Are traders satisfied with the trading performance of Trality?

Trality’s trading records do not exist on its website, and there are no links to check the actual performance of the bots. The lack of relevant findings raises questions regarding the validity of their systems. The platform has a 4.2/5 rating on a trusted third-party website TrustPilot with 24 reviews. The customer feedback mentions that the site does not work.

Customer review on TrustPilot
Customer review on TrustPilot
Customer feedback on TrustPilot
Customer feedback on TrustPilot

Does it have a native token?

Trality is a crypto trading bot and not an exchange. It does not have a native token. 

Trality user interface

The website’s user interface is average, and the dashboard includes various sections to assist you in finding the answers to your queries. However, it only supports the English language in their product.

Is it a good bet for its price?

Trality can be purchased in 3 subscription plans such as:

  • Free

€5,000 trading volume/1 week log retention/ unlimited backtests.

  • Basic

€25,000/1 month log retention/etc.

  • Popular choice

€250,000/1 rented and five created bots/etc.

  • Premium

Unlimited trading volume/1m smallest tick interval/10 created bots.

Pricing plans of Trality
Pricing plans of Trality

What exchanges does it support?

Following are the exchanges that Trality supports:

  • Binance
  • Binance US
  • Coinbase pro
  • Kraken
  • BitPanda
  • FTX
Supported exchanges
Supported exchanges

Trality trading assets

Traders can trade all the coins available on cryptocurrency exchanges with the Trality bot. 

Are there any fees?

Trality does not take any fees from the trades. 

Fees at Trality
Fees at Trality

Withdrawal process

Trality does not provide information about the withdrawal process of funds on its website. We do not know if there is a limit on withdrawing the amount. 

Trality: is it legit?

Trality seems to be a legit platform, and the website mentions that it is featured on reputable websites like The Cointelegraph,, Trending topics, and Der Brutkasten. 

Websites featuring Trality
Websites featuring Trality

What kind of security does Trality offer?

Trality does not access the trader funds and only uses official exchange API keys. It provides end-to-end encryptions for trading strategies.

Safety of funds at Trality
Safety of funds at Trality

Is Trality regulated?

Trality is an unregulated software as it is an online platform offering multiple robots for traders. There is no need for it to come under the regulation of financial authorities.

It is best for Python Gurus because they can edit all the aspects of the bot with coding according to their requirements. Traders should be aware of the risks involved with crypto trading.

Trality customer support

Trality provides various support options, such as educational tutorial videos, blog posts, Documentation, and team on Discord Channel. Traders can use Helpdesk or send the devs an email.

How does Trality’s reputation look?

Trality was formed in 2019 by Moritz Putzhammer (CEO) and Christopher Helf (CTO). The company headquarter is located in Vienna, Austria. Experts include Georgios Angelopolous, Mark Best, Igor Chernysh, and Ovidiu Popescu.

The team behind Trality
The team behind Trality

Trality Crypto Bot

3 5 0 1
Trality only supports a web platform and does not provide a mobile application. The platform best suits only professionals, as beginners can find it hard to trade with complex strategies or bots. There is no money-back guarantee, and no records are available to analyze the performance of algorithms.
Trality only supports a web platform and does not provide a mobile application. The platform best suits only professionals, as beginners can find it hard to trade with complex strategies or bots. There is no money-back guarantee, and no records are available to analyze the performance of algorithms.
3.0 rating
Total Score
  • Features
    3.0 rating
    3/5 Neutral
  • Supported Exchanges
    2.0 rating
    2/5 Bad
  • Price
    3.0 rating
    3/5 Neutral
  • Security
    4.0 rating
    4/5 Good
  • Customer Support
    3.0 rating
    3/5 Neutral

The Good

  • It offers a free plan with up to $5000 monthly trading volume
  • Traders can copy the settings of other traders in the marketplace

The Bad

  • The code for bots only supports Pythons language
  • It can trade on limited exchanges
  • The website lacks the trading performance of the bots
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