Night Hawk (By DaVinci FX Group) Review: Does It Win or Lose?

Night Hawk (By DaVinci FX Group)

Night Hawk is a Forex expert advisor that works on the Metatrader 4 trading platform. It claims to use an advanced strategy that lets you take advantage of market movements. The vendor has shared the verified trading statistics for this system and provided information on the team members. However, the EA follows a high-risk strategy that leads to a high drawdown and consequently, heavy losses. Therefore, we don’t think it is worth your money.

What is Night Hawk?

Night Hawk is a 100% automated Forex robot. It has a trade time filter using which you can get the signals relevant to a particular trading session. You can use it with all brokers and even a share-dealing account. However, the vendor recommends using an ECN broker for optimum results.

This EA has four smart filters that allow you to withdraw from a position prematurely based on the signals generated by the indicators. Due to the integrated money management system, the robot can calculate the size of the trading lot based on the deposit amount. The vendor claims that the system can reduce drawdown using the news and currency filters, but this is a false claim since the live account shows a high drawdown.

You can use brokers like IC Markets, Alpari, Tickmill, ICE FX, Roboforex, and Fort Financial Services when it comes to this EA. The vendor also recommends using VPS servers like RUVDS and Chocoping. Night Hawk supports the following currency pairs: AUD/CAD, AUD/NZD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, EUR/SGD, EUR/USD, GBP/AUD, GBP/CAD, and NZD/CAD.

Official Night Hawk website

On the official website, the vendor has briefly explained how the system functions and what it offers. We have a list of features, along with live trading and backtesting results. The vendor has explained the backtesting process and shared the pricing details. 

DaVinci FX group employs developers who build EAs using the MQL language. We don’t know where the company is based, since the vendor has shared the official address. Key members of the team include lead software developer Roman Starostin and lead tester Vitaly Nemykh. These two have been trading on the Forex market since 2013 and 2006, respectively. We can see that the features offered by Night Hawk are nothing special, so we don’t have high expectations from this system.

How can we use Night Hawk?

This is an EA that trades on a daily basis. However, the major signal for initiating trades comes during the Asian session. It trades daily without any restrictions for risk diversification and to avoid over-optimization. After completing the payment, you need to share your MT4 account number with the service team, who will send you the latest version of the robot. 

Pricing & refund 

You can purchase Night Hawk for a one-time fee of $275. For the second and subsequent copies, the vendor offers a 30% discount. However, there is no money-back guarantee offer.

Trading strategy

Night Hawk follows a Martingale strategy. It uses indicators like CCI and Bollinger Bands, along with candlestick patterns to open trading positions. As we know, Martingale is a high-risk trading strategy that can lead to heavy losses.

Backtesting results of AUD/CAD
Backtesting results of AUD/CAD

For this backtest, the EA placed 1992 trades from January 2012 to April 2020. It had a win rate of 72% and a profit factor of 1.82. The drawdown was a bit high at 28.34% and this is an indicator of a high-risk strategy.

Trading results 

Growth chart of Night Hawk
Growth chart of Night Hawk

The win rate for this live trading account is 75%, which is comparable to the backtest. However, it has an extremely high drawdown of 41.35%, and this tells us that it is prone to suffering heavy losses. The daily and monthly gains are 0.12% and 3.79% respectively, while the profit factor is 1.64.

What customers say

Due to the lack of customer reviews, we can say that Night Hawk is not well-known among Forex traders. It has too many shortcomings, so most traders do not trust it.

Summary: is Night Hawk a trustworthy EA?

Night Hawk
1.2 5 0 1
We cannot consider Night Hawk a reliable EA. It uses a risky Martingale strategy that leads to a high drawdown. Moreover, the vendor does not entertain refund requests, which makes it even riskier to invest in this system.
We cannot consider Night Hawk a reliable EA. It uses a risky Martingale strategy that leads to a high drawdown. Moreover, the vendor does not entertain refund requests, which makes it even riskier to invest in this system.
1.2 rating
Total Score
  • Strategy
    1.0 rating
    1/5 Awfully
  • Features
    2.0 rating
    2/5 Bad
  • Trading Results
    1.0 rating
    1/5 Awfully
  • Reliability
    1.0 rating
    1/5 Awfully
  • Pricing
    1.0 rating
    1/5 Awfully


  • Verified results


  • High drawdown
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No user reviews
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